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Nancy Elizabeth Baugh - Strong Woman

Brumley Branches - Nancy Elizabeth Baugh Cox
Nancy E Baugh Cox and Bessie and Eva
Nancy Elizabeth Baugh was my great-great-grandmother and was proven to be a strong woman all of her life.  Nancy was born to John Henry Baugh and Sarah Elizabeth Higgenbotham in January 1828 in North Carolina. Her known siblings are Mary Ann 1819, John C 1825 and Samuel Valentine Baugh 1833.

It is not known when her family began to move westward to settle in the Lincoln County, Missouri area but it was before 1846. She meant her future husband Ralph H C Cox when she was eighteen years old and they were married on December 15, 1846, in St. Charles County, Missouri.

They started their family in 1848 when Sarah Elizabeth was born. Siblings that followed were; Thomas Henry, Sophia Jane, Jesse, Mary Ellen, James William, Ralph Henry, Anna Perlina and Nancy Katherine Cox (my great-grandmother).

They lived in Bedford, Lincoln, Missouri from 1848 until sometime between 1870 and 1880. The 1880 Missouri Census shows them residing in Miller, Maries, Missouri.

In 1896 their son James William Cox married Nancy Clementine Laney. They had two girls before 1900, Nancy Elizabeth "Bessie" and Sarah Evaline Cox. On October 26, 1896, at the young age of 29 Clementine "Tina" died of brain fever. A horrible and tragic death. This left James with two very small children to raise by himself. Nancy and Ralph took on the challenge of helping James raise his two small girls so James could keep on working.

The 1900 Census showed that Nancy and Ralph were still living in Miller. On July 16, 1907, Ralph at the age of eighty-five died and they were living in Dixon, Pulaski County, Missouri. Nancy was 79 years old and now a widow. She never remarried. 

In the 1910 Census, it shows she was eighty-two living in Pulaski County with the girls now 13 and 15. Sometime between the 1910 and 1920 Census, she was living with James as she was ninety-two years old in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas. James was taking care of her now because she had helped raise his girls. 

Nancy Elizabeth Baugh Cox died sometime in 1920 and is buried in Galena, Cherokee, Kansas next to her son James William Cox. She outlived most of her family and was a giving mother who always knew the most important thing to her was her family.

Headstone for Nancy Elizabeth Baugh Cox

Several years ago I corresponded with a daughter of one of the girls in the above picture. She said her mother shared countless stories of the dedication Nancy showed her family. I hope somehow all of the relatives got some of her DNA because she was a remarkably strong woman.

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