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Ruby Jemima Pultz Weik

Ruby Jemima Pultz Weik

Ruby Jemima Pultz Weik was my paternal grandmother and as I was growing up we called her Grammy Weik. She was born on September 14, 1889, in Woodburn, Clark, Iowa to Edward George Pultz and Kate Anna Smith. Ruby was their fifth child out of thirteen children. Ruby's brothers and sisters were George Alvah, Frank, Ina Grace, Carrie Rosalie, Edward Glenn, James Harold, Waunita Susan, Edna B, Lloyd Wilson, Williard Zee, Kenneth Leo and Wilma Jean Pultz.

She and some of her siblings were raised in Iowa until they moved to Kansas around 1899 to Bala, Riley, Kansas. The rest of her siblings were born in Kansas where they settled in and around the area for their childhood. 

Her father came to Kansas as a farmer with many mouths to feed. They all pitched in and did their share of the chores every day to keep the farm running smoothly. One by one the children left to find their own paths on the journey of life. My grandmother was no different and at the age of eighteen, she meant and fell in love with a young man that would become my grandfather, Otto Richard Weik. On February 20, 1908, at the Clay County, Kansas courthouse.

Ruby Jemima Pultz Wedding Announcement
Ruby and Otto Marriage

Otto lived in the nearby town of Leonardville, Riley, Kansas and it was there they made their home as he continued to farm the land. They soon started a family with seven children, Leo John, Edward Hugh, Don Charles, Lola Mae, Elsie Elizabeth, Ina Marie and Merle Otto Weik, my father.

Tragically sometime in the Spring of 1926, he was working around horses when one of them kicked him injuring him severely. On June 16, 1926, he died of his injuries. He was only forty-one years old. He was buried at the Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan, this would leave Ruby with seven children to raise as well as running a farm. She relied on the knowledge she had learned as a child on how to work as a family together to keep the farm producing food for themselves as well as income for the family. 

Weik Family Photo 1938
Weik Family 1938

My father Merle was only three years old when his father died and while his brothers and sisters along with Ruby worked out in the field they would put him in the wagon as they worked so they could keep an eye on him. They raised much of their own food. As the older boys grew older they began to leave home to pursue jobs other than farming. Once again, Ruby made it work until the children were grown and then it was time to move to the city.

Ruby never remarried and was devoted to her family. Between 1925 and 1930 she moved to Manhattan, Riley, Kansas. In 1940 the census shows she was living in Blue, Pottawatomie, Kansas just outside of Manhattan. She eventually went back to Manhattan to live out her life. 

I remember summers when I was a child that we traveled to Manhattan to visit her along with other relatives, she was always willing to tell us a story of how it was back then when she was a child. Her health started to fail and on June 3, 1973, she died at the age of eighty-three years old. She was buried at Sunset Cemetery next to her beloved husband Otto. 

My father was devoted to her as she had been to him during those years when he had no father. He told me that it was his older brothers that stepped up to guide him, especially his brother Edward. 

 I am starting my blog back up again and would enjoy hearing from any relatives that would have anything to add about Ruby Jemima Pultz Weik. If you enjoyed this post, I would be grateful if you would spread the word by emailing it to a friend. Thank you very much.

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