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Richard Weik -

Brumley Branches Richard Weik

Richard Weik born to Jacob Weik and Gertrude Huber on January 6, 1849, Mannheim, Baden, Germany. He immigrated with his parents and other siblings in 1854 to America. Jacob and Gertrude settled on a farm in Cedarville, Illinois to raise their family. They had eight children; Edward Albert, Frank W, Otto, Donna Katherine, Louis N, Susanna, John Edward (my great-grandfather), and Richard Weik. 

Richard is my 2nd great uncle on my father's side of the family. It is ironic that while I lived in Illinois for close to fifteen years, I knew nothing of all the relatives I was related to until I started working on family genealogy as an adult living in Missouri. It has been with the help of relatives who live in and around Freeport and through my own discoveries that I have discovered these Weik relatives. I doubt my father even knew that he lived so close to his relatives because he never spoke about them. My mother never knew of these relatives as well. 

Richard married Katherine "Kate" Marie Bangasser on December 31, 1872, in Freeport, Illinois. To this union, they had nine children; Albert Jacob, Helen Katherine, Josephine Celestine, Della Anna, Charles Richard, Mary Sophia, Rose Cornelia, Robert Henry, and Edwin Oscar. 

He lived in Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois from 1870 to the time of his death on December 16, 1905. He was a wagon maker, and volunteer fireman, which turned into a Captain position for the fire department. He was running a saloon in Freeport at the time of his death. He was only fifty-six years old and died of an apparent heart attack. He was a well-respected man in his community of Freeport.

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