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Mary Nancy Skirvin

Iowa countryside
Gallatin County, Kentucky

Mary Nancy Skirvin is my 3rd great-grandmother and was born in Gallatin County, Kentucky on July 11, 1809. Her parents were Clayton Skirvin and Rebecca Looney. Her siblings are Robert L, Joel J, Louisa C, Alfred L, Rebecca Jane, Henry Clayton, Mary and William C Skirvin.

Mary Nancy Skirvin grew up in Gallatin County where she meant her husband Reuben Nichols and on April 19, 1827, they were married in the county. She was eighteen years old and he was twenty-one years old. She went by Nancy in all the censuses.  

Sometime after their marriage, they relocated to Dry Ridge, Grant County, Kentucky where my great-great-grandfather was born to them as their first son. Other siblings that joined their family are James Harvey, Mary Jane, John Clayton, William Henry, George Thomas, Francis Marion, Rebecca Margaret, Louisa Susan, Nancy Ann and Sarah Elizabeth. 

By 1836 the family had moved to Quincy, Adams, Illinois but by 1846 the family was living in the area they would call their final home,  Clark County, Missouri. 

Reuben Nichols purchased acreage in 1849 in Clark County, Missouri. The Census of 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 shows the family living in the county.

Purchasing Land Document

On this farmland purchase, he and Nancy started their home for their family. On this property, he also made room for a small cemetery for his family members.

Nichols Cemetery in Missouri

There is no cause for Nancy or Reuben's death but they died within days of each other. Reuben Abraham Nichols died on December 7, 1888, and Mary Nancy Skirvin Nichols died on December 10, 1888. They are both buried in the small Nichols Family Graveyard near Williamstown in Clark County, Missouri.

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